Local Man Arrested for Mowing Lawn Too Early

GREENVILLE, NC – Local man Bryan Leary was arrested early Saturday, after deputies say he was caught mowing his lawn at least 6 weeks sooner than necessary.

Pitt County Sheriff’s Office says 34-year-old Bryan Leary of Greenville was blatantly and unnecessarily mowing his lawn in the middle of March, potentially cutting short the non-mowing season for the entire neighborhood.

“I don’t want this. Nobody wants this.” said neighbor, Phil Simmons.

Deputy Sam Jacobs apprehended Mr. Leary after receiving numerous complaints from others in the neighborhood.

“Other people are going to get the idea that grass mowing season has arrived, and that’s simply not the case.” said Deputy Sam Jacobs, “We want the public to feel safe from mowing season until at least the end of April.”

Deputies told us this becomes a big issue around this time every year, and ask the public to alert the Sheriff’s office if they witness any infractions.

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