Caught in the act: Local man posts picture of “I Voted” sticker from previous election

In a shameless attempt to deceive friends and family today, local man Greg Tucker posted a photo of his “I Voted” sticker from the 2016 election.

Linda Dean, a friend of Greg’s, reported the incident, asserting that Greg had been texting her throughout the morning and definitely hadn’t gone to vote yet.

“Greg and I exchanged several texts over the course of the morning, and the timeline just didn’t match up.” Linda said.

After noticing that he’d received 3 likes on his fraudulent photo, Linda felt she had to speak up.

When questioned about the act, Greg said “I don’t see why it matters, I was planning on voting later. It’s the same damn sticker every election.”

However, after receiving numerous angry comments, Greg deleted the post and promised not to do it again.

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